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Better ways for teens to spend Halloween than vandalizing

Original post made by Randy Hill, Another Pleasanton neighborhood, on Nov 1, 2007

I just wanted to tell the teenagers of Pleasanton that there are better ways to spend your Halloween night than vandalizing people's property. I know, we should have thrown away our pumpkins right at 9 p.m. Halloween night, as to not tempt their pea-sized brains into throwing them in the street. And, I guess I'm even okay with them stealing the pumpkins and shattering them into smitherines, however, I am not okay with finding my garden statuary destroyed in the middle of our court this morning after Halloween.
Our community needs to wake up and start paying attention to the hoodlums that are doing destructive things like this. Is anybody paying attention to what their kids are up to? Is there any supervision once they turn 16? I am really disappointed this morning. Thanks to whoever it was that felt the need to destroy something of mine to make themselves feel almighty and powerful. I know bad karma is coming your way. I hope you are prepared when it hits you.

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Posted by Never cease to AAAAhmaaaze me!
a resident of Amador Estates
on Sep 30, 2008 at 11:52 pm

OXYMORON...Your in a gated community with the HIGHEST SECURITY IN PTOWN! You are asking people to watch thier 16 year olds? THEY ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS! Your paid security is NOT doing thier jobs while the kids pull pranks. And you wonder where the parents are? You all throw so many boozing parties over there, the parents were probably at a neighbors party if not YOURS for cryin' out loud it was Halloween!! Everyone knows the Ruby Hill kids are spoiled rotten brats that are given Mercedes, hummers and new mustangs on their 16th birthdays and cut loose to terrorize Ptown with thier money, alcohol and drigs... Quit crying over something SOOOOOO stupid like a pumpkin prank that your private security rovers didn't catch and start worrying about real issues like all the REAL crime that's happening in Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore. You are a superficial person for even posting this!! Go talk to your $500 a month HOA about security or download your security cameras...

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Posted by stayhomedad
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Oct 1, 2008 at 9:17 am

Never Cease- YOU are amazing. So let me get this straight, you are assuming that Randy Hill is superficial because of where he lives. Is that how you teach your children? I didn't even catch the part about him being from Ruby Hills (does it matter anyways?) And if you would calm down and read slowly, you would see that he was willing to overlook the pumkins, but when he found his garden statuary smashed in the street, he felt victimized. Let me remind you that he wasn't asking for the police, or punishment... he simply asked where the parents are to these children. AND YOU reply by saying "Go talk to your $500 a month HOA about security..." IS THAT YOUR TRUE REACTION? So the parents are not responsible? I am getting more and more furious while I write this. For someone to read what was written, and draw that conclusion... you have major issues. I can tell that you're jealous of the "better off" people in town, but to rely on security gaurds to raise your children is really irresponsible of you.
And just for the record, Not all parents in Ruby Hills throw "boozing parties" and not of the kids are "spoiled brats"... they're just learning their way.... AND vandalizism and theft isn't a "Prank"...........its a crime....

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Posted by Sam
a resident of Del Prado
on Oct 1, 2008 at 11:45 am

Where does it say Randy Hill lives in Ruby Hill?

"Never cease" has envy issues!

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