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Ahmadi Led PUSD Administrator Reign of Terror?

Original post made by What is happening?, Foothill High School, on Mar 1, 2014

I can't help but notice that everyone ever associated as a principal or VP of Foothill High is either gone or has suddenly resigned or is part of a Ahmadi-led witchhunt or Cazares-led witchhunt or possibly that superintendent coach from Pivot that Ahmadi has on the payroll to coach her.

Prior to the arrival of Ahmadi, Foothill's leadership team was John Dwyer, Mark McCoy, Lori Vella, Jon Vranesh. I noticed that not only has Jon Vranesh (I don't believe any of the so-called allegations against him, by the way) been suddenly out of the blue accused by PUSD of some ridiculous accusations, but Lori Vella seems to have also suddenly resigned at the same Board meeting.

I would conclude based upon the 'retired teacher' posts on the other thread that these people are told to resign and go quietly or else PUSD will unleash a torrent of false statements and then publicly shame and humiliate them. So most of them resign.

Also, almost all principals have left the District with turnover in the last 3 years being sometimes 2 principals. The District staff has suddenly left too.

Charles Young was at Walnut Grove for 2 years and suddenly resigned
Hart was Steve Maher; he is gone and now it is Terry Conde
PMS was Jon Whitney, is now Aileen Parsons
Amador was Bill Coupe, then Jim Hansen and now they are both gone. They hired someone from outside the District/
Village was Greg Giglio, and then he resigned and now it is Dana Chavez
Lydiksen was Colleen Henry and she is gone to be replaced by Mindy Bolar
Carolyn Parker from Vintage Hills has left and now it is Melissa Theide
Marc Schweitzer, then Barbara Heisser was principal of Donlon and now someone else is there
Robin Sehrt was principal of Mohr, then Ben Fobert, and now someone else is there
Kent Rezowalli was the Special Ed director, he left and Ken Wyatt came back and he suddenly left too
Gary Hicklin longtime technology director has suddenly resigned
Larry Legatta longtime facilities director has suddenly resigned
Rich Puppione came back to Walnut Grove for 3 weeks and then suddenly resigned for 'health reasons'

Are there other people that have suddenly disappeared as well?

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Posted by Out of towner
a resident of another community
on Mar 2, 2014 at 11:23 am

Dear What is Happening? So many of these people did not "suddenly resign," they retired. Look at their ages and years in the district - do you expect them to go on forever? And, you sound very suspicious of Mr. Puppione's "health reasons;" the poor man has had open heart surgery and has put in over 30 years in the district - how much more stress do you want to give to a 70 year old? There is a sad situation going on in the district; don't add to it by trying to create false hysteria and accusations. Retired Teacher had some very reasonable observations, but you cannot automatically lump all these other people in the same boat. Try to control knee-jerk reactions, and think before you speak.

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Posted by Get the Facts
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Mar 2, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Get the Facts is a registered user.

Of the fourteen people mentioned in the last paragraph of the original post, seven have retired after long careers in education (I am not counting Puppione, he was already retired and has come back from time to time for short stints to help when needed).

I don't know the situations of all of the above, but at least three have moved onward and upward to bigger and better positions, for example Young went to higher administration at another district, I do not recall where. Fobert moved closer to hime to take the position of principal at the new Mountain House high school. This kind of movement is common, though it had slowed down a bit during the recession, as less positions existed and/or were vacant.

And in the original post, the writer states that ". . . everyone ever associated as a principal or VP of Foothill High is either gone or has suddenly resigned . . . Prior to the arrival of Ahmadi, Foothill's leadership team was John Dwyer, Mark McCoy, Lori Vella, Jon Vranesh." Do you realize that Mark McCoy is in our District Office? He made a meteoric jump from high school VP to the D.O., which rarely happens. So, "everyone" is not gone, McCoy has been promoted, and technically Vranesh and Vella are still here. Dwyer took a higher paying position elsewhere.

There is no "Ahmadi-led witchhunt or Cazares-led witch hunt", the sky is not falling, the sun will come up tomorrow. Outside of the Vranesh mess, this is business as usual.

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Posted by Get the Facts
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Mar 2, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Get the Facts is a registered user.

Most people trashing Ahmadi on these blogs have never met her, and would have no reason to have contact with her. She is well removed from the kids, as most superintendents are.

Most people trashing her on these blogs are seemingly people from Walnut Grove who are upset about the removal of Vranesh. They are rightfully upset about the poor communication of the whole mess, but misguided in their constant trashing of Ahmadi over this. She has every right to investigate and recommend to the board the removal of an administrator who is not performing to the proper standards.

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