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Opinion - November 15, 2013


Dear Editor,

The latest crop of extremist Congressional representatives has invented a new way to write law for the U.S.: legislation by ransom demands. This copycat method has been taken from the playbook of terrorist groups around the world. Whenever action is required to fund the government or authorize government functions, an extremist minority simply needs to write new ransom demands to satisfy their latest brainstorms. In fact, this completely dispenses with any need for legislation, or for senators or representatives.

Terrorists will recognize immediately that the U.S. government has been brought to its knees by ransom demands from a radical extremist minority. They also will see that the government is being held hostage and that Republican congressmen are being terrorized successfully by the threat of being defeated in a primary election. This will encourage terrorists around the world to engage in their own terrorist actions, because the U.S. government has forgotten its policy for dealing with terrorists: no negotiations.

Republicans have worked for over a decade to render our government dysfunctional. Corrupt and incompetent officials, replacing government functions with useless private service contracts, nutty judges who lecture about the devil, irresponsible tax cuts, and bogus wars that waste our treasure all contribute to handicapping the government. Now, extremist Republican congressmen are doing what they promised: to shut down the government. This state of affairs will continue as long as people vote to put anti-government candidates in office.

Mike Moran

Dear Editor,

The Pleasanton Tulancingo Sister City Association (PTSCA) reached a major milestone this year and we were proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary with the Tulancingo delegation, PTSCA members and the Pleasanton community.

The annual Tulancingo Delegation visit took place from Sept. 24-30. We are appreciative to the Pleasanton Weekly for the recent cover article and to the community for welcoming our Sister City friends with open arms.

This year our great city rolled out the red carpet for our Tulancingo friends. Mayor Jerry Thorne, City Manager Nelson Fialho, and Community Services Director Susan Andrade-Wax personally showed the Tulancingo delegation the high quality and caliber of our public servants. The city and staff rolled out events at City Hall, the Police Department, the Senior Center, Veterans Hall, and, to wrap it up, at the Mayor's Award Dinner at the Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center. Thanks to the city for making this 30th year celebration the most memorable visit in memory.

We would also like to acknowledge these groups who have continually support the visits with significant contributions: The Lion's Club, Rotary Club of Pleasanton, Rotary North, Richert Lumber/Ace Hardware and the Soroptimists. Also thanks to our Gold Family sponsors: Athenour, Cardinalli, Ferraro, Noble, Pino, Richert, Sanchez and Victoria.

As usual, the association members put hundreds of hours into planning, driving, hosting, preparing food, translating, fundraising, gifts, and fellowship. A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who magnified our efforts. Please visit our website at www.ptsca.orgfor a list of their names. We look forward to the next 30 years of friendship. Amistad para Siempre!

Rita Galvin


Pleasanton Tulancingo Sister City Association