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News - September 20, 2013

Financial reports for D-16 Assembly candidates show Orinda councilman ahead in fundraising

Candidates must submit financials for semi-annual report

by Jessica Lipsky

Fundraising is well under way for candidates eyeing the State Assembly District 16 seat currently occupied by Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo). Three of the four candidates filed a preliminary contribution form, also know as Form 460, documenting campaign contributions and expenses.

Pleasanton-based Republican attorney Catherine Baker, a Dublin resident, Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, Danville Mayor Newell Arnerich and Orinda councilman and gubernatorial adviser Steve Glazer, all Democrats, will compete for the D-16 seat in the November 2014 election. The district includes Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, the San Ramon Valley, Walnut Creek and Lamorinda area.

Among the Democrats, Arnerich describes himself as a moderate; Glazer readily plasters the word independent on his website and Sbranti calls himself pragmatic. Baker identifies herself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate; she is pro-choice and supports marriage equality.

"We have the same values. We worry about our kids getting to college. How are we going to pay that? It may have a Democratic advantage here, but it is a moderate group. It is a moderate that is going to win this," Arnerich told the Capitol Weekly, a Sacramento political publication.

As of the June 30 cash on hand figures, the candidates raised more money here than any other Assembly District from outside sources.

Glazer is leading the group in campaign contributions, totaling $245,722.89 between April 1 and June 30. Glazer received 499 donations from 445 individuals and 54 businesses and associations. He reported $236,000 in cash -- nearly the most of any Assembly candidate in the state -- on hand for the primary election that will be held on June 3, 2014.

Much of Glazer's campaign contributions came from residents and were primarily between $100 and $300. The largest donations, $2,000 each, came from real estate developers Lucas, Austin, Alexander LLC and Orinda Gateway LLC.

Glazer also spent the least money among the reporting candidates, with $8,085.13 in expenditures listed.

Mayor Sbranti raised $112,255.17 from 497 contributors during the same period and reported $21,782.68 cash on hand by June 30. Sbranti spent $21,782.68 during the filing period.

Many of Sbranti's contributions came in smaller amounts from residents and local businesses. Larger donations averaged $500 and included contributions from Realtors, a geotechnical consultant, construction and electrical workers unions and the Peace Officers Research Association of California.

Newell Arnerich received 63 contributions, including $5,950 in loans from himself or related organizations, totaling $50,013.70. Arnerich received contributions from a variety of sources including residents, a restaurant, geotechnical firm and housing developers. His largest contributions came from the California Architects for Liveable Communities PAC, Montair Associate and AD Architects, all at $4,100.

Arnerich has spent $12,179.32 on his campaign since announcing his intent to run; he ended the filing period with $38,985.90.

Under Fair Political Practices Commission law, Baker was not required to file a campaign statement as she officially entered the race for State Assembly District on July 10, ten days after the filing period ended.

"I've been very pleased with the fundraising response throughout community," Baker said. "It's been very heartwarming and encouraging."

Should Baker raise more than $10,000 between July 1, 2013 and Sept. 30, she will be required to file a report to be issued on Oct. 31. The three other candidates will also submit new financials during this period.

Capitol Weekly reporter Nik Bonovich contributed to this article.