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Community Pulse - July 26, 2013

Police Bulletin

Car stripped in home driveway

Part of the interior of a car parked in a driveway was stripped overnight July 21, according to police reports.

The incident took place between 9 p.m. July 21 and 12:11 p.m. July 22 from a 2000 Honda B2000 convertible parked in the 4200 block of Mairmont Drive. Both front seats, valued at $4,000, were stolen, along with the center console, worth about $400, and a $200 gear shift knob. The car also received $2,000 in damage to its convertible roof.

In other police reports:

* Arson was reported at about 10:56 p.m. July 18 at Sports Park on Hopyard Road. Someone lit paper or magazines on fire; no damage was done to the field in the fire, which was quickly put out.

* Nordstrom in the Stoneridge Shopping Center was hit twice by shoplifters in recent days.

In one incident, four males stole four button-down shirts valued at $275 apiece, seven T-shirts worth $150 each, and six polo shirts valued at $150 apiece in a July 17 grab-and-run theft that occurred at about 6 p.m.

In an unrelated incident at the same store, five pairs of jeans valued at about $394 were stolen in a July 21 burglary. The jeans were stolen at about 5:48 p.m. from the store, which was open at the time; the incident was reported as a burglary because the suspect apparently entered with the intent of stealing.

* Vladimir Mazur, 29, of Rancho Cordova was arrested at about 7:36 p.m. July 18 for grand theft at Macy's Mens in the 1400 block of Stoneridge Mall Road for attempting to steal 11 items of clothing.

* Michael Richard Roach, 44, of Livermore was arrested at about 1 a.m. at the intersection of Dublin Boulevard and Arnold Road for felony child abuse and possession of methamphetamine for sale. Roach was stopped with 12.6 grams of methamphetamine.

* Brice Morgan Page, 49, of Manteca was arrested for possession of tear gas and possession of methamphetamines in an incident at about 11:20 p.m. July 22 near the intersection of Bernal Avenue and Interstate 680. After a traffic stop for a broken tail light, the passenger was found to be on probation. During the search, a baggie with the suspected methamphetamine was located, and a tear gas canister was found in a backpack belonging to the passenger.

* Thomas M. Gloede, 25, of Pleasanton was arrested in the 500 block of San Miguel Court at about 10:03 p.m. July 18 on a felony warrant for possession of a controlled substance for sale and DUI.

* A $3,500 laptop was reported stolen from a room at Motel 6 in the 5100 block of Hopyard Road. There was no sign of forced entry in the incident, reported at about 5:55 p.m. July 17.

* Three residents reported being victims of felony identity theft earlier this week.

In one, a resident of the 3200 block of Vineyard Avenue attempted to access her account online and was locked out. The bank said her account was frozen due to unauthorized activity for three withdrawals from her savings account for $2,185, $1,815 and $1,715. The incident was reported at about 12:46 p.m. July 23.

In the second, a resident of the 2200 block of Camino Brazos reported a fraudulent debit transfer of $5,580 from his bank account to another account. The incident was reported at about 12:03 p.m. July 22 and remains under investigation. There was no loss to the victim because his bank will cover the withdrawal.

In the third, reported at about 6:03 p.m. July 23, a resident of the 1000 block of Hancock Court reported her debit card was declined for insufficient funds and discovered two fraudulent charges in Indiana for $55.04 and $64.15.

Under the law, those arrested are considered innocent until convicted.


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