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Opinion - June 7, 2013


Don't fix parks that aren't broken

Dear Editor,

Like us, Pleasanton citizens may not be aware of major renovations planned for the First Street parks. A glimpse of the proposals at the last Parks and Recreation Committee meeting brings forth some comments. For starters it appears that both parks will no longer be open space, but a forest of trees around smaller open spaces, and that Deluchi Park will no longer work well with Friday night Band Concerts in Wayside Park.

Other issues could be talked about as well, such as covering over the wildlife ditch that children enjoy playing in during the concerts. We prefer to point out that these two parks were built by volunteers and have worked well for over 50 years. It is now proposed that they be fixed when they are not broken. Rather than spend several million dollars on unneeded redoes, perhaps we should just build an up-to-date band stand and sound system, and put taxpayer moneys elsewhere for better uses.

J. Jack and Florence L. Bras


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