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- April 12, 2013

Mind, heart and body

Expo to present alternative therapies for health

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

Gone are the days when folks worked at one job for 20 years, or stayed in a house for a lifetime, notes Linda Crose-Andersen, founder of Wings of Luv Center for Wellness.

"People are more open to new ideas. They're starting to take ownership of themselves," she said.

This includes new ways to care for themselves.

"They are finding new non-invasive modalities that they can work with for their health," she said.

Crose-Andersen, an intuitive, has spent the past decade learning all things metaphysical, and during this time of introspection, discovered her purpose: to teach and heal and share her knowledge with others.

She founded Wings of Luv in Mountain View in 2012, and this year she is holding Alternative Therapies for Wellness Expos throughout the Bay Area. Forty or so healers will gather at the California Center, 4400 Rosewood Drive, on April 20 to share their information.

"People are really, really interested in this sort of thing," Crose-Andersen said. "They want to learn, and this gives them the opportunity to be someplace to learn. Our expo is basically one-stop shopping for them."

Exhibits will include experts in yoga, acupuncture and massage, which have become mainstream, she said. But there will also be an Angel Reader, to help people find their guardian angels, and at least one psychic who is also an intuitive.

"I don't generally have psychics because it makes people nervous and there are plenty of venues where they can go learn about that," Crose-Andersen said. "But, yes, I am having some. I thought I'd throw in a bit of a spiritual mix."

It's also a chance to learn about gluten-free products, natural skin care, and using natural essential oils for a variety of ailments.

Crose-Andersen was a member of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for 20 years but she began to feel like these methods weren't helping people as they had in the past.

"The day my granddaughter was born I said, 'Somebody has got to show her to go with her heart and her intuition,'" Crose-Andersen explained.

Five months later, she is pursuing her mission full-time. She had a TV show called Silicon Valley Metaphysics, which is archived on YouTube, and she is starting a new show, Alternative Therapies to Wellness.

"We'll be filming at the Expo," she said.

The Wellness Expo will be open 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; the cost is $10, which includes interactive workshops and presentations.

"There will be one on meditation, another on energy work, and a martial arts instructor who shows you how to divert your energy and ground yourself," Crose-Andersen said.

More information will be listed two weeks before the event at www.atwellexpo.com.

"My passion is to present this to the public so people know they have an alternative choice," Crose-Andersen said.


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