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Opinion - April 5, 2013


Rugby alive and well

Dear Editor,

I read the editorial March 22 about Pleasanton sports and what caught my attention was this: "(Community Services Manager Mark) Spiller said that about the only sport that hasn't yet caught on in Pleasanton is rugby, which has its dedicated players and fans but not yet the numbers to fill a field here."

For your information, the Pleasanton Cavaliers Rugby Club is:

- 160-plus youth rugby players and 25-plus volunteer coaches

- Fields seven age group teams

- Founded in 2009 with a single high school team; growing 20% plus each year

- Charter member of the Northern California Youth Rugby Association

- Plays rugby eight months per year

- Practices twice weekly and plays matches on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays

- Hosts 10-12 all day "rugby days" per season, where 200 to 500 youth rugby players from 20-plus teams come to play rugby matches

While Cavaliers would love to practice and play in Pleasanton, where more than 60% of our players live, we find it difficult due to the grass-only fields, field closure policy, no refunds for rain-outs and the lack of hourly rental options, so we instead use Las Positas College, Robertson Park in Livermore, and Emerald Glen Park in Dublin.

If there is ever a change in field use policy and how Pleasanton allocates and charges for its field space, Cavaliers would love to practice and play rugby in Pleasanton.

Richard Reynolds, President, Pleasanton Cavaliers Youth Rugby

Narum for council

Dear Editor,

We have been residents of Pleasanton for 44 years. We have raised our family here, started our business here, and intend to stay here. We are fortunate enough to have our family living in Pleasanton, and our grandchildren are currently attending Pleasanton schools.

Our family has always been active and concerned about Pleasanton politics. Out attitude has always been "what's best for Pleasanton."

In the upcoming City Council race, we feel that there is one candidate that is head and shoulders above the others, and that's Kathy Narum. Kathy is a long-term resident of Pleasanton. She has served on the Parks and Recreation Commission, she presently serves on the Planning Commission, and she has participated in many other city activities. We feel her experience and qualifications exceed the other three candidates combined. She is not running for council to "go along and get along" and she is not afraid to take a hard stand on public employee wages and benefits. Most importantly, like us, Kathy has a deep love and affection for our city. From our beautiful downtown to our schools and our neighborhoods, Kathy's attitude is and always will be "what's best for Pleasanton."

We encourage you to join with us and vote for Kathy Narum for Pleasanton City Council.

Frank & Muriel Capilla

Miller for council

Dear Editor,

I have known David Miller, his wife Laura and their three daughters for several years. As a City Council member, he will put the interests of Pleasanton residents and taxpayers above those of outside special interests.

David is aware of the efforts to determine Pleasanton's future by unelected regional governmental boards. As a proponent of local control, David has spoken out in front of these regional boards in favor of retaining local control. David has also been on the forefront of the unfunded liability issue facing Pleasanton and has been instrumental in bringing the issue to the attention of residents and taxpayers. That is why I trust him as a City Council member to bring transparency to local government.

He will keep residents informed about the issues that will affect them. That is why I will vote for David Miller and encourage others to vote for him, too.

Suzanne Tringali

Waif of a park

Dear Editor,

In looking through the new Activities Guide, I was struck by the table on page 44 that lists the 43 city parks and their amenities. Forty-three parks are a tribute to the city's planning, but there is one park which stands out because of the fact that it has absolutely no amenities: #43 Woodthrush Park.

Size is not an issue; there are 12 parks smaller than Woodthrush. The three smallest parks (Civic, Delucchi and Lions Wayside) are one-fifth the size of Woodthrush, but they all have some amenities such as picnic tables and play areas. Woodthrush has nothing.

An argument might be made that the proximity of Woodthrush to the Sports Park makes amenities unneeded. However the amenities typical of a neighborhood park are a considerable distance from Woodthrush -- the youth play area is almost a half mile walk.

Woodthrush Park is a common area for mothers with small children to meet while pushing strollers, a stopping point for seniors on their daily "constitutional," and with even the simplest of amenities -- picnic tables -- it would attract families to spend some time enjoying our park over a coffee, a snack, or an hour for a picnic on a great spring or summer day.

Pleasanton deserves better than to have a "park" that is little more than a couple of vacant lots with grass. I ask that the Parks and Recreation Commission and Community Services review the allocation of funds and resources for 2013, and do something to improve our little waif of a park in Birdland -- Woodthrush Park.

Alan and Jackie Mode

Elect Narum

Dear Editor,

As our political season advances, I want to ensure that everyone knows the best candidate for the Pleasanton City Council vacant seat is Kathy Narum. Kathy is a 16-year Pleasanton resident devoted to community service. Her record shows a broad background with such avenues of service as Parks and Recreation Commission, Planning Commission and six task forces, including the recent Downtown Hospitality Guideline Task Force. Her experience and leadership roles in this diverse range show her willingness to listen to residents, her independent thinking and her watchful eye on the city's fiscal sustainability. It is no wonder that Kathy's endorsements number many residents representing a multitude of neighborhoods and interests. Please join me in electing Kathy Narum to the City Council.

Harvey Kameny

Best choice: Narum

Dear Editor,

Kathy Narum is the only candidate who has placed her time and energy forward on a constant basis to improve Pleasanton by active participation in processes that are effective and democratic. She has provided distinguished service on the Parks and Recreation Commission and on the Planning Commission.

Before you can address problems, issues and projects, you must understand them. Kathy researches issues, diligently completes all homework, invites and carefully listens to citizen input, then pursues solutions benefiting the entire community.

Kathy is a team player. She knows moving forward requires working with others to arrive at mutually satisfying solutions. Through effective persuasion Kathy will be a strong voice on the City Council promoting fiscal stability and responsible growth.

Pleasanton is not an island able to move forward without consideration of adjacent cities, the county and state. Kathy understands the structure of government. She knows we must actively work with other agencies and jurisdictions to address common issues while striving to improve and protect our community and maintain local values.

Kathy Narum is the candidate most prepared to serve in a top leadership position.

Mail in that ballot! Vote Kathy Narum for Pleasanton City Council.

Dolores Bengtson

Support David Miller

Dear Editor,

This 42-year Pleasanton resident is supporting David Miller in his candidacy for Pleasanton City Council.

I believe that David Miller will stand up to bureaucrats bent on imposing their agendas on the citizens of Pleasanton. David believes in sensible growth and development that will preserve Pleasanton's small town lifestyle. He is opposed to the urban high-rise development that threatens our city. David understands that the negative impact on Pleasanton's infrastructure, schools, traffic and public safety services will be severe.

David has a strong business background and community involvement. He has the vision and courage necessary to help move Pleasanton forward, while insuring a solid fiscal footing in a challenging economy. David will provide a fresh voice on the council and bring new ideas forward.

David is a genuinely nice person, with a wonderful family. His children attend Pleasanton schools. He has a degree in electrical engineering and 25 years experience in the high tech field, earning several patents.

Please join me in voting for David Miller for Pleasanton City Council.

Dorene Paradiso-Carroll

Protect CEQA

Dear Editor,

As a former Pleasanton City Council member and Planning Commissioner with over 14 years of service, I am very concerned that the current council has come out in support of so-called reform of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This landmark 1970 legislation is truly an "environmental bill of rights" for communities throughout California. It requires disclosure of environmental, public health and other development impacts, that public questions and concerns be addressed, provides for mitigations of impacts, and articulates a legal process to address non-complying projects. I have witnessed firsthand how CEQA works to protect communities, and without it, Pleasanton would be a very different place today.

Developers and large business interests, who have propagated a myth that CEQA is being abused and is delaying or stopping good projects, are pushing this reform. Who benefits from this change? Developers who would like projects approved without messy public involvement. Oil and natural gas companies who are planning a large scale environmentally damaging hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") process to extract hard to reach resources throughout California. And even state government, which would love to avoid community opposition to the high speed rail project and its plans to divert Sacramento River water to San Joaquin Valley agribusiness interests. Who loses? The public.

The Pleasanton City Council action is merely symbolic, but clearly demonstrates the side of the issue they are on. If you are as concerned as I am about this, please contact your state legislators and the Governor's office to express your opposition.

Matt Sullivan

Vote for Miller

Dear Editor,

I love Pleasanton. Like most residents, I like the small town feel of our city. I can travel from place to place within our city limits, without it becoming a traffic nightmare. Our crime rate is so low it takes only a half page or less to report each week. Amazing, when compared to many other cities within Alameda County.

During the recent housing dip, our property values remained higher than many neighboring communities. Schools are a strong attraction to our incredible city. I've always ignored party lines on city elections and voted for candidates who promised to keep the quaint feel of Pleasanton by promoting sensible growth. I am very concerned that we are on the brink of losing the charm that drew us to this wonderful city. I ask each of you to investigate what the state and present City Council have slated for us. Then I urge you to join me in voting for David Miller.

Janis Mulhall

Chamber for Narum

Dear Editor,

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce its Business and Community Political Action Committee (BACPAC) candidate endorsement in the special "mail only" City Council election being held next month.

The decision was based on interviews conducted by BACPAC with all four candidates. Each was asked to discuss Pleasanton 2015: A Community Vision, the Chamber's local public policy platform comprised of goals for the economy, jobs, education, transportation, public safety, health, housing, arts, leadership, culture and recreation.

Kathy Narum's track record of support for Pleasanton 2015 and extensive experience as a Planning Commissioner and former Parks and Recreation Commissioner set her apart from the competition.

Narum is known for doing her homework, and acting in the best interests of the total community. Fiscal sustainability, responsible growth and excellent schools are more than campaign slogans -- they are in fact the primary filters Narum uses time and again as a planning commissioner.

In other candidates Mark Hamilton, David Miller and Olivia Sanwong the community is fortunate to have sharp, enthusiastic individuals stepping up to the civic plate. We hope they will bring their energy and love for Pleasanton to city or school district commissions and committees where they may gain valuable experience.

Scott Raty, President/CEO

Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

Choose Narum

Dear Editor,

On May 7 Pleasanton will have an election to fill the vacant City Council seat for the approximately 18 months remaining in this seat. I have made an effort to research the four candidates running for this seat. My conclusion has been that Kathy Narum is the best candidate for this seat. She is clearly prepared to jump right in to do all the work that our City Council must conduct to make our city of Pleasanton a great place to live.

I was extremely impressed that she had served for five years as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner and also has served another five years as a Planning Commissioner as well for the city of Pleasanton. In my mind these two are the key commissions in our city and most definitely make Kathy Narum ready to fill the role as a City Council member. Please take a moment to go to her web site, www.kathynarum.com, to thoroughly gain knowledge about her record and to see why she should be the one selected by all of the caring and knowledgeable voters of Pleasanton. Please choose Kathy Narum on your mail-in ballot when it arrives and mail it in early.

Chris Miller


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