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Opinion - March 22, 2013


Political favoritism

Dear Editor,

It is disgusting how you have picked on David Miller because of some stupid suggestion to not put signs out for the City Council running almost till election time. However you have looked the other way when those that you favor have already put signs up. You owe an apology to canidate David Miller.

Anne Fredrickson

Vote for Narum

Dear Editor,

On May 7, a Special Election will be held in the city of Pleasanton to fill a vacant council seat. This term will be for approximately 18 months. This position needs to be filled with a person who has experience in city government. Only one candidate stands out with civic experience -- Kathy Narum. Kathy has over 10 years of city government experience, in the city of Pleasanton, which makes the transition to City Council a logical choice for her.

As a Planning Commissioner and former Parks and Recreation Commissioner for Pleasanton, Kathy will work side by side with the council members and take a global approach to the many issues that face the city. Her interests are to serve the residents of the city and to protect the quality of life in Pleasanton.

As a former mid-manager to the city of Pleasanton, I urge you to vote for Kathy Narum for Pleasanton City Council in the special election that will be vote by mail only.

Glen Haendel


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