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Opinion - February 15, 2013


Cemetery unrest

Dear Editor,

This letter is a passionate plea to bring your attention to the unacceptable condition of the Pleasanton Pioneer Cemetery. My husband passed away recently and is buried there because we are long-time residents of this wonderful city and made the decision to choose this location several years ago when we purchased the plot so our family and friends would be close to visit.

At the time of our purchase, the city of Pleasanton had recently purchased the cemetery from the Odd Fellows and it was our understanding that the property would be renovated to reflect a beautiful park-like atmosphere.

While Pleasanton prides itself on our many state of the art sports and community parks, it is an embarrassment that our cemetery is in such need of care. During the summer, the land is cracked and dry and weeds dominate the area. In the winter, large puddles of mud seep onto the headstones leaving them unreadable. It is very difficult to place flowers on the gravesites due to all the mudslides.

While I support the need for our city to provide sports parks, it seems to me that it should be of equal importance to maintain our cemetery at a level of which we can be proud. Shouldn't the Pleasanton cemetery be the most beautiful park in the city?

I ask that the City Council give this request its immediate attention so that our families may be at rest in a beautifully maintained setting in keeping with Pleasanton's commitment to excellence.

Carolanne Montgomery


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