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Opinion - January 25, 2013


OK to vote against guns

Dear Editor,

There was a practice "Intruder Alert" drill at a nearby elementary school last week. They're afraid.

All Americans are saddened by the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We either move on as we usually do or we take a stand and say "no" to the sale of military assault weapons to civilians. Surely both pro and anti gun people can agree on that much.

I would like to call to action each gun owner, each Republican, each Democrat, each citizen to write a letter or send an email. Tell our politicians, "It is OK to vote against selling this type of weapon to the public. We will still vote for you." That is the problem. They're afraid.

Write that letter.

Pat Griffin

Pledge is important

Dear Editor,

Upon my four years at Amador, I have noticed a decreasing amount of students saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I have realized that not only do we not have enough people honoring this country, but the pledge isn't even heard all around Amador, or every day. A lot of classes don't even play the announcements, so they never hear the pledge, and a lot of classes that watch it on YouTube skip over the pledge in order to save class time.

I think that the Pledge of Allegiance should be announced over the PA system every morning. As a school in the United States, I believe it is our duty to have the pledge heard aloud to honor those men and women that have fought for what we all have today.

Karen Krikorian


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