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News - January 11, 2013

Taking a trip? Let Pleasanton police know

Volunteers make regular checks of homes, businesses vacated for short periods

by Jeb Bing

The Pleasanton Police Department is offering vacation patrol checks for all city residents who may be out of town for a short period.

The department has a group of patrol volunteers who will check on vacated homes or businesses.

These checks, however, are not a substitute for security measures. Residents will still need to arrange to have mail and newspapers picked up by a neighbor or trusted friend so they do not accumulate and alert burglars to their absence.

Volunteers will not go into back yards, checking only the front yards and making perimeter checks, and there is no guarantee that these checks will be done daily.

To request the patrol checks, call Pleasanton police at 931-5100. Requests must be received three days prior to a trip.