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News - November 9, 2012

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier reelected with 60% of vote

Thankful senator looks forward to continuing his work

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

In California's 7th Senate District, Democratic incumbent Mark DeSaulnier bested Republican challenger Mark Meuser with 60.6% of the votes -- 171,342.

As results came in on Tuesday night, DeSaulnier traveled from Pleasanton to Walnut Creek to celebrate with his campaigners.

"I'm very thankful," DeSaulnier said around 11 p.m. as his lead continued. "I've enjoyed the last four years tremendously."

"Now we've got to roll up our sleeves to continue to work on the things I've put a lot of time into -- transportation, constitutional reform, how we do the budget."

"I'm excited," he added.

DeSaulnier began his career in elected office on the Concord City Council, including rotations as mayor. Next he was a Contra Costa County Supervisor for three terms, where he served on the California Air Resources Board, the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

He was elected to the State Assembly in 2006, where he served one term, and became the first freshman to chair the Assembly Transportation Committee. In 2008, DeSaulnier was elected to his Senate seat.

DeSaulnier campaigned on his record with the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, which was instrumental in initiating the work on the Highway 4 and E-BART expansion in East Contra Costa; drilling on the 4th Bore of the Caldecott tunnel; and the repaving improvements along Interstate 680 corridor.

He has worked to reform state government as chairman of both the Senate Select Committee on Constitutional Reform and Senate Select Committee on Improving State Government; and on how budget cuts would affect the social safety net, as chairman of the Budget Committee on Health and Human Services.


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