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Opinion - September 14, 2012


Vote for Thorne

Dear Editor,

I was the Founding Chairman of the Pleasanton Military Families Support Group from its inception in 2003 until the early fall of 2009. When we decided to do "Welcome Homes" for Pleasanton men and women returning from combat tours, Jerry Thorne took it upon himself to step forward at each and every one of these events, some held at night and in the rain and cold, others held in hot and sunny 100-degree weather. He has presented dozens of letters of sincere appreciation and recognition to these combat veterans over these several years, and without exception has been an excellent representative of the leadership and the community of Pleasanton. I think some of the inspiration for Jerry's participation came from his service in the U.S. Army and knowing the lack of appreciation given to veterans of the Vietnam War when they returned. Jerry further took it upon himself to recognize many returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan at meetings of the Pleasanton City Council. They were very appreciative as were their families.

I know that Jerry will make an excellent mayor -- he has many qualifications, including an excellent career in the private sector, his service on the City Council, and his love of Pleasanton, which has been his home for many years. Another advantage is that he is retired and I am sure he is ready to work almost full time as the mayor of the city of Pleasanton. I urge voters to vote for Jerry Thorne for mayor.

Chris Miller

True civic servant

Dear Editor,

Please vote for Jerry Thorne for Mayor of Pleasanton. I know him well as we served together as commissioners. He knows how to manage budgets, economic alternatives, personnel; he knows how to make proper decisions based on his experiences and talent as a former manager of one of this country's major corporations. He has consulted many organizations here in Pleasanton to learn and understand the needs and will of its citizens.

He has continually represented the greater whole of Pleasanton, not just the desires of a few while serving on the City Council. He is truly a civic servant.

Howard G. Seebach


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