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News - July 20, 2012

Is Stoneridge Creek construction causing neighborhood problems?

Vermont Place homeowner asks city for help in curbing day-long noise

by Jeb Bing

Construction is under way at the multi-million-dollar Stoneridge Creek retirement community on Pleasanton's far northeast side, but it's disrupting the residential neighborhood it borders and may be damaging homes.

Franni Goldstein, who lives on Vermont Place just across the west barrier wall of the retirement home project, said she's been forced to keep her home tightly closed even in this summer's good weather as construction trucks and bulldozers build the homes and health center that will accommodate up to 800 seniors.

"I've had to re-hang my front door, and my fireplace is now cracked at its foundation because of the heavy hammering and pounding that sometimes starts as early as 6:30 a.m.," she complained Tuesday at a meeting of the Pleasanton City Council. "If I could sell my house, I'd be out of there."

Goldstein's main concern is that the construction noise and work continues all day long and also on Saturdays. At the time the project was approved, she and her neighbors understood that construction hours would be limited to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and not at all on Saturdays.

Steve Bocian, assistant city manager, said the 8-5 time provision is correct, but that Saturday work was approved unless there are complaints.

At the council's urging, Bocian will set up a meeting with the Stoneridge Creek developer and contractors to mediate Goldstein's concerns and will then report back to the council on the outcome.

Troy Bourne, vice president of Continuing Life Communities, the owner/operator of Stoneridge Creek, said earlier that 100 more new homes have been added to the first phase of the project with more than 60% already reserved.

Construction of the first phase is on track for completion during the second half of 2013, he said.


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