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Opinion - July 6, 2012


Oppose the wars

Dear Editor,

As of the end of June this year, the number of American military killed in Iraq/Afghanistan since these wars began equals 6,514. The number of American military killed in Afghanistan so far this year equals 164. The number of Pleasantonians protesting these wars at June's Pleasantonians For Peace protest equals three.

Ah, Pleasanton, the city that supports the troops but refuses to oppose the illegal, immoral, unethical and unnecessary wars that kill the troops. Because of that refusal, more troops will be killed. I'm sorry. I'm ashamed. It is so easy to end these wars, to save these lives, but it takes more than three Pleasantonians.

Fred Norman

Let everyone bat

Dear Editor,

As one of those Little League father-coaches, I joined with all the coaches in our age group, and we, together, changed the rules re batting order, because of the Little League's official, really strict rules about substitutions and batting. We said everyone on the team bats in order, whether on the field or not yet, so that everyone has an equal chance of batting.

We did it, and no one stopped us.

W. Ron Sutton

Ladies say thanks

Dear Editor,

I want to give a Shout Out to the Alameda County Fair for its great support of Ladies' Day at the Races. We have been coming to the Grandstand since 1992, in growing numbers, allowing well over 500 women to have a fun day at the races.

Over the past 21 years, the Fair has done many things to make the ladies feel special -- displaying a welcome to us on the sign board, showing a video about our Ladies' Day, and giving each of us special Fair trinkets to take home. In the last few years the Palm Pavilion has let us reserve tables in their area so we can continue to have fun, food and refreshments after our day at the races.

Thank you Alameda County Fair for your recognition and support of our Ladies' Day. We truly appreciate it.

Kay Huff


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