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Opinion - March 30, 2012


Don't understand cost

Dear Editor,

I don't understand why Foothill High School needs to rent any equipment for graduation. Doesn't Foothill already have the required equipment, chairs and everything needed for the graduation? Why are we having the graduating students pay for their own diplomas?

What happen to the days of having the graduation in the gym, parents seated in the bleachers, graduating seniors seated on the gym floor, with the school principal and district personnel facing the students? Then you won't need any bathroom, sound equipment, chairs or special decorations since they are already in the gym.

One can only surmise that either Foothill and the school district don't want a graduation or they are trying to please the parents. If the answer is pleasing the parents, then the students' parents are going to have to shut their mouths, not complain and just hand over the check.

Larry Jackson

'Unplanned' baby speaks up

Dear Editor,

Something is wrong with this picture: When Streetwise asked if people thought health care companies should be required to provide birth control, not only did four-fifths of the people want 100% coverage, but they also had no qualms in sharing their views of unexpected pregnancies: "Unwanted children would be a burden for everyone," and "Unwanted pregnancies are a problem."

I guess you could call me a "problem for everyone" because I was an unexpected baby. My parents never shared their wedding date with me and never celebrated an anniversary. Was I conceived out of wedlock? Was I unwanted? (Before "the pill," most children were unplanned.) In any case, I'm here and I love my unexpected life. I have been blessed to be a high school teacher in Australia and Pleasanton. I have been inspired to start fundraisers for brain-injured children and our nation's wounded warriors, to start a cooking school, become a dietitian and diabetes educator.

I've been married once and for 34 years to a wise and generous man. I've been healthy enough to run thousands of miles and explore backcountry in the Sierra. I've never had to enroll for food stamps, welfare, Medi-Cal or any other public monies that could be defined as "burdensome" to society -- which is evidently the expected journey with unwanted pregnancies. Again counter to expectations, I have never been on drugs, in debt or arrested.

It seems foolish to automatically decide that anyone that comes to life "unplanned" is destined to be a burden and ultimately a life that should be ended before it begins. The slope is getting slippery for those who are "unwanted" and inevitably "burdensome." Thank God he does have a plan for every child conceived, a better plan than any one of us could ever imagine.

Candyce Roberts

Main Street character

Dear Editor,

I prefer the unwashed liveliness of Past Time Pool to the stone-cold presence of another Main Street bank. Consider how much (or little) character Comerica has contributed since it replaced Kolln Hardware. I support the Pleasanton Downtown Association's proposed ordinance if it draws creative retailers to draw us downtown.

Jim Brice

More to the story

Dear Editor,

You should have checked your facts before you put out such an irresponsible editorial ("Has it come to this? March 23). Yes, Foothill High Principal John Dwyer sent out a letter to parents asking for help for a ceremony that the district has not paid for in years, but if you had asked anyone involved you would have found out that there are a lot of people working very hard to try to come up with alternative funding sources in order to give Foothill graduates the ceremony they deserve.

There are folks looking into corporate donations and all three booster clubs on campus (athletics, band and academic and activities) are holding a fundraiser in April. Some of the funds raised will go toward the ceremony. I don't see anywhere in your editorial anything about those efforts. Why didn't you call anyone for more information?! You must have known that there was more to the story than a letter sent to parents. Please step up your quality of reporting in the future.

You also failed to report that Amador Valley High School has asked its parents to pay for graduation as well. It asked for the money from the senior parents at walk-thru registration in August. Based on the fact that you published an "opinion" without knowing both sides of the story I would request that you publish a "revised opinion" on your online edition ASAP and that the same revision appears in print next week.

Barbara Kirk, President, FHS Academic and Activities Booster Club


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