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Community Pulse - March 7, 2014


Is there anything you would like to see in downtown Pleasanton that doesn't already exist?

Main Street

Claude Denys

Owner, The Corner Creperie

I think fewer banks and more independently owned and operated stores would improve diversity in the downtown. Also, additional events and activities on weeknights -- that would attract people to the downtown at night -- would also be very good, and especially welcomed by the local business owners who are open late during the week.

Emily Lu

High school student

I'd really love to see a small movie theater. I think having a small theater downtown would be a great opportunity to bring our community together and provide a more intimate setting than the larger theaters in the nearby towns. In a small theater, everyone in the audience would feel like they were really sharing the experience with one another.

George Farrell

Engineering technician

I think a midweek farmers market once a month or so, during the evening, would be great. The farmers market is a very social event, so it would bring people downtown on a weeknight, after 6 p.m. And of course, the quality of the produce is fantastic.

Chloe Connolly

High school student

I think the downtown would benefit from a classic sports bar type of restaurant, one that is not just for adults and couples, but that is a family-friendly place that even families with young kids could go to.

Josh Small

High school student

Art supplies! I think the new hardware store, which has such a great "we have everything" feeling to it, should start selling art supplies -- like canvasses, watercolors, acrylics and clay -- because right now we have to go all the way to Dublin to buy art supplies.

Compiled by Nancy, Jenny and Katie Lyness


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