"Two Sentinels Will Be My Home"

Two Sentinels Girl Scout Camp is a 76-year-old volunteer-run wilderness summer camp. These Pleasanton women (and guy!) were staff at camp this past summer, spending 10 days guiding girls in the High Sierra sun (and sometimes having more fun than the girls themselves!)
Top row (L->R): Liz "Cookie Monster" Gleason, Georgette "Sanders" Whitbred, Tina "Acorn" Amber, Danielle "Rufio" Miller, Jane "Question Mark" Joseph, Eric "Twygz" Miller
Bottom row (L->R): Robyn "Padfoot" Battaglia, Tina "Buckeye" Huey, Christine "Bon Bon" Miller, Dara "BlueJeans" Hogue, Robin "Tweety Bird" Miller - Aug 10, 2012

Submitted by Dara Hogue on Jan 5, 2013