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By Roz Rogoff

City's Incorporation Exhibit at Glass House Museum

Uploaded: Jul 26, 2013

I received a letter a few weeks ago inviting me to "Celebrate the City's 30th Anniversary at a Special Reception for the Exhibit on the Incorporation of the City of San Ramon." This was being held at the Glass House Museum at Forest Home Farms Historic Park from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on July 25th. I called the RSVP number and said I would be there.

I went shopping at Nob Hill that afternoon and when I got home, as often happens these days, I took a nap and didn't wake up until 6:15 pm. Since the event was scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 pm, I still had time to go. My house on Mangos Drive is about 10 minutes from the Glass house, so I drove over there, but I didn't see any crowds or many cars in the parking lot up the hill. I thought this would be a big event with a big turnout.

So I drove back to the the parking lot for Forest Home Farms. I saw a small cluster of cars just behind the farmhouse and parked there. The back door was open, so I went in and saw a small group of very familiar folks including past Mayors Pat Boom and Mary Lou Oliver and current Mayor Bill Clarkson.

I sat down next to Bill to ask him some questions that were posted in a reply to my last blog, "Roz, maybe you should ask Mr. Clarkson about his private 'cabinet' that advises him each week about city issues - who are they, where do they live and what's their purpose? Maybe you should be invited to attend one of those meetings!"

So I asked Bill who is in this "private cabinet" of advisors. Bill said he meets with different groups of people each week, sometimes including me, to ask "How am I doing, and what can I do to improve?" This doesn't sounds very clandestine to me.

Bill said he always holds these "meetings," in public places. For example if he meets with Alex Mehran, owner of the Bishop Ranch business park, he doesn't go to "his place" in Bishop Ranch. They meet at Peet's at Crow Canyon. So if Mr. San Ramon Resident who asked that question wants to be in Mayor Clarkson's "private cabinet," he just has to wake up and smell the coffee.

I was disappointed by the small turn out at this Celebration of the City's 30th Anniversary. I realized after I got there that it wasn't really a public celebration but a "Special Reception for the Exhibit on the Incorporation of the City of San Ramon." Pat Boom told me the exhibit is on the second floor of the Glass House. She said I could still go over to the Glass House and see the exhibit. It would be open to 7:30 pm as stated in the invitation letter.

I told her it looked empty when I drove over there earlier. She said the back door is open and someone is there. I saw someone in a Victorian dress going into the back of Forest Home Farms when I drove into the parking lot, but I didn't see her inside the house when I went in.

It was getting close to the 7:30 closing time, so I told Pat I would visit the exhibit the next time the Glass House is open for visitors. Pat gave me a flyer for "Fun on the Farm Ice Cream Social" on August 10th from 10 am to 2 pm, when they would also be holding Glass House Museum Tours on the hour from 10 am to 1 pm.

The Ice Cream Social is free, but the tour price for the Glass House is $5 per person and $8 with a tour of the farm and Tractor Museum. She said the Incorporation Exhibit might not be continued past the middle of August.

I'd like to see the upstairs in the Glass House. I toured the downstairs after it opened to the public, but not upstairs. Four years ago I donated a Greek revival fireplace bench from the 1860's to the Glass House because my cats were ruining my Great Aunt Margie's needlepoint upholstery on it. I thought it would be better cared for in the Glass House exhibit, but I haven't seen it there because it is upstairs. I shall try to visit on August 10th and see the Incorporation Exhibit at the same time.