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The Assistant
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The Assistant Kitty Green's drama "The Assistant" features a put-upon female protagonist working in the outer office of a movie mogul we never see or hear but whose out-sized presence overshadows everything. In the wake of real-life movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's ...... Read the full review

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"Chamber of Commerce trip"
Jerry and Cindy Sobrero, Stu and Cheryl Craig, Ken and Cindy Artinyan, Cyril Bonanno, Mark and Ann Fischer, Emil and Margie Oxsen in Tangier Morocco during a Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce trip. Fun! Submitted by Cindy Sobrero on Nov 21, 2017

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Review: 'The Other Woman'
The women in "The Other Woman" get the equal opportunity, like the men in Judd Apatow movies, to behave like overgrown children, but the power they give their cheatin' man to occupy all their waking hours makes this comedy more sad than funny. Saturday, 8:27 AM | 1 comments


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