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Gina Channell Wilcox

President and Publisher, Embarcadero Media/East Bay Division

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About Gina
Gina Channell Wilcox has been the president and publisher of Embarcadero Media's East Bay Division since 2006. The division now includes the Pleasanton Weekly newspaper,, and A 30-year veteran of the journalism industry, Gina worked as a reporter and editor at a daily newspaper in a Chicago suburb for 15 years while earning her bachelor’s degree in communication and a master’s degree in business administration. Before moving to California, Gina was the executive editor/association publisher at a division of the Chicago Sun-Times, where she was responsible for a daily newspaper, 14 weekly newspapers and the corresponding news sites. She has earned several state and national journalism awards, including for investigative journalism and in-depth reporting for stories such as "Troubled schools: Parents seek answers on principal turnover, other concerns" and editorials such as "Livermore downtown referendum raises serious questions".
Stories by Gina
Around the Valley: See something, say something
The video of the altercation outside of the Pleasanton Library on Jan. 19 between two Pleasanton Middle School students posted on social media showed a vicious attack, and caused fear and frustration throughout the community.
[Thursday, February 2, 2023]

Around the Valley: Work to avoid nuclear fallout
A recent Pleasanton City Council City vote to deny an increase in density -- and then lowering the density -- on Housing Element sites currently owned by the school district could have 'nuclear' fallout.
[Wednesday, January 18, 2023]

Around the Valley: Don't trust until you verify
There is a campaign to discredit newly-elected SRVUSD trustee Jesse vanZee. One of vanZee's competitors, Michelle Petersen, claims he pulled 'dirty tricks' that cost her the election. It's heavy on intrigue, but light on facts...
[Thursday, January 5, 2023]

Around the Valley: A servant leader
It's not that Kathy Narum served Pleasanton residents for more than 20 years, the number of meetings or accomplishments the city made in those years. It's how she performed her duties as a servant leader.
[Friday, December 30, 2022]

Around the Valley: 'Pay to Play' law -- A hat tip, but unintended consequences as well
'Officers' under the Levine Act 'Pay to Play' law didn't include state and local elected officials like mayors, councilmembers, county supervisors and others directly elected. That's about to change, thanks to Sen. Steve Glazer...
[Thursday, December 15, 2022]

Around the Valley: Questionable actions
Questionable actions at recent municipal meetings might have gone unnoticed if not for astute and curious readers.
[Thursday, December 1, 2022]

Q&A coming up with new Livermore mayor, D1 council member is hosting a Town Hall Q&A with newly elected Livermore mayor John Marchand and District 1 council member Evan Branning on Dec. 5.
[Sunday, November 27, 2022]

Around the Valley: Influencing elections
A close look at San Ramon's 2022 candidate campaign finance filings set off alarm bells for me. It appears special interests and outside money are creeping in to influence local elections while drowning out the voice of the residents.
[Friday, November 18, 2022]

Around the Valley: Red flags
The news of the arrest of local teacher Nicholas Moseby on charges of sexually abusing teen girls sent shockwaves through the Tri-Valley. Many, including me, feel a few red flags were missed or ignored before and after he was hired...
[Thursday, November 3, 2022]

Around the Valley: The group of many names
There is yet another incarnation of a PAC that has plagued Livermore for at least a decade. All these groups share many of the same people, agents and major contributors and employ the same tactics to obscure who is funding them.
[Wednesday, October 19, 2022]