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Deadline for submissions is 5pm Thursday the week before the issue in which your listing should appear. The Print edition of the Pleasanton Weekly comes out each Friday. Each Print issue covers 10 days worth of events, including two weekends - Friday all the way through to a second Sunday. Please note: We only accept listings for events in Alameda County. To submit art for consideration in the print Pleasanton Weekly, please email hi-res (at least 200dpi) jpgs to

Following are the guidelines we use when determining whether or not a submission will be published.
1. No for-profit businesses may advertise in the Community Calendar section, whether or not their event is free.

2. Eligible for the Community Calendar are support groups, clubs, community events, events for kids and teens, local concerts, fundraisers, senior events and programs, lectures/workshops, classes, civic meetings, and spiritual listings. All listings in any category must follow the Community Calendar guidelines.

3. Fees for events, clubs, programs and concerts must not exceed $25 to be eligible for the Community Calendar. Fundraising fees will be assessed by the Pleasanton Weekly staff for approval. Fees for events MUST be stated in the calendar listing.

4. Events listed must be held at a public venue, not at a private home.

If your event does not meet the above guidelines, your event can still be placed in the calendar section for $15 per line or placed as an advertisement. Email for more information.

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